IHG Corporate Strategy


  • Dynamic growth through ICON brands for each market segment.
  • Develop ICON brands that are essentially strong in African brand ethics while maintaining world standards efficiency in execution.
  • Evolve ICON into a Corporate Hospitality Intellectual Property Company.


  • Revenue driven strategies that ensures Cost of Revenue (CoR) is kept lower than revenue generated.
  • Incremental financial performance and reward
  • Sustainable processes and performance appraisals


  • Maximisation of economies of scale to help rapid spread of IHG hospitality footprints
  • Build mutually beneficial partnership with relevant stakeholders.
  • Returns to Owners and Stakeholders


  • Regular and Unprejudiced Performance Appraisals
  • Development of an incentivising reward system - I.D.E.A.S.
  • Development of bespoke organisational structure and culture that ensures synergy and teamwork.


Recruit passionate, efficient and loyal hotel personnel.

Ensure regular staff training and talent development in order to strengthen the companies’ human resources.

Develop easily recognisable ICON brands that are essentially strong in Imbue and strong African brand ethics effectively balanced with world class operational standard.

Empower management and align their talents to match their competence.

Regular feedback and performance appraisal with adequate reward systems.

Engender cohesion and teamwork among Icon Hotel Group  teams to build synergy and increase output to consistently surpass  Client expectations.


Legacy Driven


Regional Brand

Great Standards

Excellent in Operation

Work that takes care of cost efficiencies