To increase the rooms capacity of hotels under Icon Hotel Group Management, Control and Franchise to 5000 keys by December 2025.


To maintain a CAGR of 8% per annum over the period 2020-2025.


To grow the ICON brand to a hospitality franchise with a minimum of 10 hotels through our Footprint hospitality initiative which currently has under it:

  • ICON LUXURY – Upper upscale to Luxury
  • OSOTUA by ICON – Upscale
  • ICON – Upscale
  • ICON HOUSE – Midscale
  • SAFARI ECO LODGE – Upper upscale barefoot luxury
  • FARU INN. – Budget


To achieve a GSI score of at least 85% and an ICON Reward and Loyalty performance of 25%.


Recognition as employer of choice, with highly incentivized, passionate and hospitable skilled personnel.

ICON Hotels Group is a fast emerging African Hospitality powerhouse


Be the model for best practices in Hospitality, Leisure, Recreation and Tourism consultancy, development and management in Africa and beyond.

Ensure quality control and provision of high-level Consultancy / Development and Management services to investors in the hospitality sector, enhancing the Quality-Based competitiveness of the African tourism product thereby significantly contributing to the development of the sector.

Help develop products and service lines that will exploit the full potential of the rich and unique cultural diversity of Africa.

Build and promote tourism industry in Africa through the development of hospitality, leisure and recreational products that are in consonance with Africa’s, social, cultural, economic and political atmosphere.

Partner with governments and stakeholders in the contribution of tourism to the Gross Domestic Product of African economies.

Embark on relevant Community Social Responsibilities (CSR) projects that will improve the lives of Africans.


  • Ideation and New Product Conceptualisation
  • Business Development and Strategic Planning
  • Route to Market strategy Development
  • Pre-Opening Services (POSA) for New Properties
  • Hospitality and Leisure Property Management Services (Contract)
  • Human Resource Management (Recruitment, Management and Training)
  • Market Survey and Feasibility Studies
  • Systems and Operational Analysis/Audit
  • Marketing and Sales (Hospitality Industry Products and Services): Applied Market Research and Development of Route to Market Models
  • Hospitality projects landscaping and designing
  • Integrated Hotel Management Systems
  • Turnkey Procurement and logistics handling of FFF&E/OE&SE (Furniture, Furnishings, Fixtures and Equipment and Operating Equipment and Equipment)
  • Property Planning and Design
  • Physical Product and Service Improvement
  • Quality Assurance programmes for Hotels and Restaurants
  • Curriculum Development for Hospitality Training Institutions
  • Franchising Capacity Building (Train the Trainer programmes for training institutions)
  • Formulation and Planning of Tourism Development Policies and White Papers